Harping Chipmunk 

Welcome to a totally personal, self-indulgent site devoted to my adventures with the harp.

chip-70 (3K)I don't know anyone who, when presented with a harp hasn't wanted to slide their fingers down the strings to produce that wonderful evocative glissando. It was certainly something that appealed to me over the years but as so often is the case, the chance to even touch this beautiful instrument never materialised. That was until 2000, when my then fiancé found a small harp kit at The Music Room in Oxford. The kit was a version of The Weekender series from The Early Music Shop and took a bit longer than the 48 hours they suggested!

Over the final 3 months of our engagement we both worked on the harp until finally completing her just before our handfasting in September 2000. But it wasn't until 2002, following our move down to the West Country that I started taking lessons with the superb Elizabeth Jane Baldry.

And the reason I waited 2 years? Just before our handfasting I had been experiencing increasingly severe headaches which were becoming more frequent as time passed. By March 2001 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was operated on in the June of that year. Things tend to come to a halt at times like that, and only the basics are concentrated on. I needed to walk that path spiritually, before I learnt to live in each moment and experience so many painful and also wonderful things. It was a tough way to learn, but I put it down to being the only way the Goddess could get my attention!! I guess I was a stubborn student . . . .

chip-70 (3K)Following surgery, I realised I needed to do all those things I'd always meant to do but was putting off until that unknown moment in the future. As soon as I knew we were moving down to Devon, I started to look for a harp teacher and immediately found Elizabeth Jane.

My recovery in part has been as much her unfailing support, inspiration and belief in the ability of sound therapy and the healing powers of the harp, as the various complementary and alternative therapies I have experienced in the months following my surgery.

In Elizabeth Jane, I found someone who applauds and welcomes mature learners, honours their achievements and understands the differing needs of an adult as opposed to a young student. It continues to be a delightful time of learning with her, and I encourage anyone who wants to learn a musical instrument to do so, at any age.

Of course, I am not forgetting the tireless patience of my amazing husband and beautiful friends who have been with me every step of the way on this healing journey. Without their strength and wisdom, I certainly would not be able to live the way I do ~ in love, beauty and health. I feel the presence of the Goddess around me, and She has sent me the finest of healers to keep me well.

chip-70 (3K)Now, I feel I am a grounded individual - most of the time! I have no great aspirations to be a classical concert harpist, but I do have a desire to be a competent folk harper - someone who enjoys what they do, and loves to do it. With practise, inspiration and a lot of hard work, I intend to live that dream and this web site is part of my work in progress.

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